Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pray for Abby Riggs

This little girls' story breaks my heart. Please stop by her family's blog and read about her struggles and pray for her. And give thanks for all the healthy children you know. No child should have to endure the things that poor Abby does (and many, many more children like her).

Monday, January 18, 2010

This is YOUR child...

Yesterday I experienced one of the scariest moments of my life. I was lying in bed watching television when Daniel came in and said "I need your help." I asked what was going on and he said "I don't know, something's wrong with Landon." I found my baby lying on his bed not moving or talking and gasping for breath. I tried to talk to him, but he couldn't get any coherent response out. His eyes wouldn't focus on me.

I kept trying to get him to talk to me and stay awake. I sent Cheyenne and Sierra to get some clothes on and Daniel went to get dressed. Cheyenne brought me some clothes and I threw them on. I woke Dakota and got her dressed while Daniel got everyone else in the van. Landon was buckled into the middle passenger seat in the van, so I climbed in and sat on the floor next to him. He still couldn't seem to wake up. He was limp and his body just flopped about with every movement of the van.

We flew through town to the hospital. When we got there, everyone seemed to be moving in slow motion. The ER was packed! The ladies at the desk didn't seem at all concerned about the lethargic little boy in my arms. They took their sweet time doing whatever it is that they have to do on the computer, etc and even took a phone call as we stood there. Even when Landon started to vomit on the floor, they made no move to help...(I'm sure they were just doing their job, but it's frustrating in the moment).

By the time we got back into a room and the nurses and doctor came in, Landon had started to come around some. His breathing was better. He still didn't have much muscle control and couldn't stand or walk well on his own.

Daniel went out to make some phone calls and the nurses came in to draw blood. They decided to wrap him in a sheet to help keep him still (didn't really work). I stood by him and talked to him and tried to help keep him still. Unfortunately, he didn't cooperate very well and ended up having to get stuck on the other arm as well.

Once that was all done and he had calmed down, he fell asleep. He slept quite a while and was still asleep when they came to get him for a CT scan. We had to wait in the room until they brought him back.

I went out to make some calls. When I came back, Landon was back and Daniel was holding him. We had to wait a long time for the doctor to come back, which didn't make Landon very happy. He was ready to get out of there.

The doctor finally came in and told us that Landon most likely had a seizure. He wanted us to follow up with Landon's regular doctor as soon as possible.

While we were there, our wonderful friends (and pastors from our church) Norman and Louise came by. Louise was kind enough to take the girls with her so they didn't have to stay in the waiting room and Norman stayed with us until he knew that Landon was doing better. While Norman was there, he came back into Landon's room and had prayer with us. I don't remember anything he said except for the first five words: "Lord, this is YOUR child..."
Those were exactly the words I needed to hear at that moment. Thank you, Norman, for having the wisdom to choose those words to calm this mother's heart.

Lord, this is, indeed, Your child. You are the one who created him and who knew him from before he was born. You know everything about him and designed him exactly the way that he should be. You know his path in the world and You will be there to guide each and every step. Nothing that has happened or that will happen is a surprise to You.
Lord, guide us as his parents in knowing what to do for him. Give us peace and strength to rely on You to show us the way to go. Be with the doctors who will be treating him as we try to do what is best for him.
Lord, this is YOUR child. And I place him into Your loving hands. There is no one who could care for him better than You.