Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Evening Blog Post

There is a new blog carnival that I am participating in today called The Saturday Evening Blog post. The way you participate is to choose the favorite post from YOUR BLOG from the last month and post a link to it here. Then, go over and read everyone else's favorite posts from the month. Should be lots of fun.

I chose to link my "quack and poo" post for this month. It is something that I am still struggling with daily. It is so hard when others are being negative to keep from joining in. Sometimes, the best thing I can do is to avoid places where I know I will be tempted to quack. So, for now, that is my strategy. Whether it be the teacher's lounge, the school office, Wednesday night Bible study, or going out with friends for dessert, if I think it will be anything but an uplifting conversation for me, I choose to stay away. Instead, I will look for people and places that will lift me up help me see how great things can be.

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