Saturday, April 13, 2013

A fun weekend, part two-tournament

Saturday started out bright and early. We were all up, dressed, packed, and out the door for breakfast by 8. It was so nice to already be in OKC and not have to leave the house at 6:30am! We may have to do that again next year.
Then, we were off to the tournament. We got everyone registered and in their uniforms, then they went off to warm up while we settled into our seats for the day.

That's Cheyenne at the top left.


 I have lots of video from the tournament, but not many pictures. I was so proud of all four of them! The competition this year was tough. We didn't come home with many medals, but they did their best and hung in there.

Here's Landon waiting for his forms competition to begin. There were so many kids in his group! This was the first time for him to compete as an orange belt. He did a great job!
This picture breaks my heart and makes me proud all at the same time. This is the moment when he realized he wasn't going to get a medal. He handled it well for a seven year-old.
Sierra also had a really large group. She did a great job! After a tie-breaker, she placed 4th.
Here is Cheyenne bowing in before her forms competition. She did a great job, too. She also placed 4th in her division.

This is Dakota waiting for her forms competition to begin. She worked really hard and spent lots of time practicing at home. It paid off, because came in 3rd!
The kids did really well in sparring. It was the first time for Cheyenne, Sierra, and Landon to spar at a tournament. I think they all learned a lot for next time. Landon was so close to a medal. He made it through 3 matches and lost the fourth by only one point. He ended up 4th place in his division.

Dakota sparred last year in the tournament and placed 2nd. This year, she knew more what to expect and was better prepared. She did awesome and brought home GOLD!

 What a great weekend! Love getting away and having fun together!

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