Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

If there is anything that you would like to confess to NOT doing this week, hop over the Mckmama's blog and link up with your own NOT ME Monday post.

It was NOT my family who waited for an hour and a half at a restaurant on our trip to Springfield, just to have someone throw rolls at us during dinner. It was NOT totally worth it. We did NOT all eat totally too much and then eat some more.
(Okay, this isn't my picture, I copied it from someone else. I forgot my camera that night so all the pictures are on my phone and I haven't figured out how to get them to my computer yet.)

It was NOT me who had to dig baby possums out of their dead mother's pouch so that they wouldn't die in the heat outside. If I had done that, though, I would have been very thankful for Daniels big, thick work gloves.

It was NOT my kids who ate 5 bags of popcorn (between the four of them) for dinner one night last week while I was working at school. I would never approve of such a thing. My kids always eat a perfectly balanced dinner. On that same night, I did NOT go straight from school to Wal-Mart for a grocery shopping trip and miss bedtime. Since the kids were going to be asleep when I got home, I did NOT stop at Sonic on the way and pick up burgers and ice cream for Daniel and I. We would NEVER eat something like that late at night and we would never eat that when the kids had eaten only popcorn for dinner. Really, who would do that?

I have NOT been working in my classroom already, even though I don't have to be there for another week. I am NOT totally in love with the Dollar Tree this year for carrying "teacher supplies." I do NOT go in there at least once a week to see what new things they have.

I did NOT accidentally set the alarm off at school on Saturday. It was NOT completely my fault for not filling in the sign-in sheet correctly making the other person think I had already left. I did NOT have to call my principal and tell him it was me. I was NOT totally embarrassed! It did not remind me of the time about a year ago when I thought I had set off the alarm to the office. I did NOT have to call the principal then also, only to find out what I was hearing was the alarm from the weather radio and not an alarm! I was NOT really hoping that he didn't remember that.

I did NOT totally forget that I was substituting for Sierra's Sunday School teacher until Saturday evening. I did NOT stop by the church and pick up the materials only to set them aside once I got home and forget to look at them. I did NOT try to read and drive on the way to church Sunday morning so I would know what the lesson was. The kids were NOT totally bored with the lesson because I didn't prepare anything to make it fun. I did NOT feel really bad about it.

I am NOT posting this picture of some kid I don't know.
I took lots of pictures of my own kids with the giraffe's on our trip to the zoo, so I would NOT post this one just because this is the best picture of the giraffe's tongue I have. I do NOT still crack up when I look at it and remember that giraffe licking everyone that walked by hoping they had some food for him. We did NOT have a great time on that trip and I will NOT be doing a post about it later today (or maybe I will, you'll just have to stop back by and see.)

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