Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mmmmmmoon phases!

In science, we are still learning about the solar system with Apologia Exploring Creation with Astrology. So far, we've learned about the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Now, we are studying Earth's moon. 

Last week, we did a fun activity to help us remember the phases of the moon. I've seen this many times on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try it out with the kids!

All you need are some paper plates and a bag of chocolate cookies with cream filling. You can print labels for the phases from the computer like I did, or you can use a marker and write them directly on the plate. If I was only doing it with the older kids, I probably would have made them write the words themselves. For the sake of time with the younger ones, I decided to help them out a little.

First, glue the labels around the plate like this:
Next, take the cookies apart and shape the cream to look like each phase of the moon (the chocolate part represents the sky, the cream represents the moon). There are two methods of shaping the cream.
You can cut it into the correct shape like this:
Or, if you prefer, you can do it like this:
But, whatever you do, don't eat the leftover chocolate pieces yet. You might need them later if you break one. (guess I should have said that ahead of time.)
 When you get each cookie and cream shaped the way you want it, place it on the plate next to the correct label.
When you get all the phases of the moon done, THEN you can eat them! 


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