Sunday, June 10, 2012

Country fun-planting pumpkins and watermelons

 Some of you may remember a few years ago when we decided to plant a garden and ended up with a pumpkin patch instead. Well, we've been saving the seeds from our pumpkins since then and finally decided that this was the year we were going to plant them. 

While we were working on school work one morning, Daniel went down and started preparing the garden spot. Then, in the afternoon, we all loaded up in the buggy and went to help finish smoothing things out and get rid of rocks and sticks.   

Here's the "before" view of our pumpkin patch. Just a tiny bit bigger than the last time.

We made a few rounds with Daniel in the buggy and then hopped out to watch while he finished up. might be a redneck. Ha! Whatever works.

While we were waiting, the kids took pictures next to this big machine thingy. Not sure what it's called, but it's big and it's cool.

Here's a view from the other end.

Butter was on hand to supervise.

Once Daniel had everything nice and smooth, it was time for the kids to get busy ridding the garden of rocks and sticks. I really wanted to help, but I couldn't. SOMEONE had to operate the camera!

This poor tree became the target for flying rocks and sticks.

Sierra kept coming over and saying, "Take my picture with this one!" So I did.

With all the seeds we had saved from our first "garden" plus the seeds we saved from our Halloween pumpkins last year, we must have planted about a million pumpkin seeds. We also bought some seeds for white pumpkins (casper, I think) and a couple of kinds of watermelons. Yum!
Daniel's grandma said later that she thought maybe you're not supposed to plant watermelons next to pumpkins because the watermelons will take on the flavor of the pumpkins. Oops! I guess we'll find out!

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