Friday, July 10, 2009

Our "garden"-an update

I know everyone has been waiting in anticipation to know how our garden is doing (oh, you haven't been? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway).

We were super excited the day we planted the seeds and got everything set. We were even excited the next day when we looked out and saw our handy work all set to spring up some pretty, tasty veggies, sunflowers, and pumpkins. We were still mostly excited the next day. If you know us at all you know how (not) long our attention spans are. So, as the days went by and we waited for things to sprout, we kind of lost our enthusiasm. Occassionally, one of us would say, "we need to go out and weed the garden" or something like that and we did keep it pretty well watered. We decided to wait until things grew a little more so that we could be sure what was a weed and what was a veggie.

Well, we never did see anything come up that looked like it might have been put there on purpose, except a few little pumpkin plants and two little sunflower sprouts. We're still excited about the things that did come up (the kids really didn't want the veggies anyway) and they are doing well. When we went out the other day, there was even a flower on one of the pumpkin plants-which means we have a chance of actually having at least one pumpkin! Here are some pictures of our handy work. It's not much, but we are very proud of it, thank you very much!

These pictures are from the day that I didn't take the kids out and show them how to pull the "weeds" (everything that wasn't a pumpkin or sunflower) so that I could have a few quiet minutes in the house. This is also the day they didn't slide down the slide into the baby pool and then into the mud. (see my not me! monday post from this week).

Don't you wish you were as awesome a farmer as we are???

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