Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Swimming

Dakota is continuing with the swim team this summer. She practices Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm. Now that softball games, day camp, and church camp are over, I'm kind of enjoying her practice schedule. It gives me a few hours a week to go up and work at school. It's going to be so nice when school starts to have some of the work already finished.

Dakota has competed in three swim meets so far this summer. It's been really good for her to get a little more one on one work during practice when there are only 18-20 kids swimming rather than 30 or so. She has been working on diving from the block and has done it in the last two meets.

And the coach had a surprise for us at the meet last Saturday. She signed Dakota up to swim the breast stroke! I almost missed it because she normally only swims the backstroke and freestyle-which are later in the meet. I was reading my book and waiting and happened to hear the coach call Dakota's name. I looked to see if there was a problem and saw her lining up for her race. She did great for her first time!

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