Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Party at the waterpark

Can you tell I only have one child at home today? Landon spent his birthday money yesterday and bought a new Spongebob movie, so I've had some free time on my hands today. As soon as lunch is over, I have to take Landon in to get his back-to-school-shots. I'm sure it will be traumatic for both of us, so we're just taking it easy until then.

My computer is in a good mood and is letting me post pictures, too, so I thought I would take the opportunity before it goes away.

Here are some pictures from Landon's birthday party. It was so much fun! I hope we can get the kids together at the splash pad again before summer's over.

Is this not the cutest baby ever??? I love the way she has her tongue sticking out in these pictures! I was so blessed last week to get to spend almost the entire evening at VBS cuddling her. This is the most laid back baby I've ever seen. Can't wait to watch her grow up!

Most of the kids had never been over to the splash pad before. They had so much fun! I heard a couple of them asking their moms/dads if they could come back again the next day. It was nice that we were nearly the only ones there. We were a crowd by ourselves!

All the kids were such good sports to come out of the water for a while to watch Landon opening his gifts! We are so blessed that our kids have such a sweet group of cousins and friends to grow up with!

\The moms (and dads and grandparents, and aunt) were also good sports to sit out in the heat. Thankfully, it was kind of cloudy that morning, so it didn't get too hot until after the party.

In case you didn't know, when Landon grows up he is going to be a superhero! He loves spider man! So, of couse, a spider man cake was in order.

I really can't believe that Landon is already 4! As of August, I am no longer a mother of preschooler-all of my children will be in school! Hard to believe! While we were shopping yesterday, Landon found something that he wants for his next birthday. He said "when I'm five (or "sive" actually is how he says it). That almost broke my heart. I refuse to let myself think that he will be five. Four is old enough for me.


Brooke said...

5 was so hard for me this summer. 4 still is a toddler but 5 is all grown up :(

TIFFANY said...

I totally agree, Brooke. Cheyenne turned 8 this year and Dakota turned 11, but neither of those bothered me. I had a really hard time with Sierra turning 5 though. I said exactly the same thing. Turning 5 is when they go from being a little kid to a big kid.