Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cookies for pops

If you want to participate in Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane, or if you want to check out what other people are remembering this week, head over to Lynnette's blog.

As I was looking for an inspiration for this week's Wednesday's Walk, I came across these pictures from last summer. They are from Father's Day weekend 2008. I always have a hard time with Father's Day gifts. I never can find the right gift...especially for my grandpa-Pops. He has everything!

Last year, the kids really wanted to make him something, but we just couldn't come up with a great idea. Finally, one of the kids suggested that we make cookies for Pops. I liked the idea, but wanted to make it more meaningful-to somehow show him how much love the kids put into making the cookies for him-so I decided to take pictures of the kids making the cookies. We put them into a little album and gave that to Pops along with the cookies. It turned out great!

Here are a few of the pictures we gave to Pops.


Linda said...

Cute Idea! I agree it is hard to buy gifts for guys!

Actually, I am having trouble picking gifts for anyone these days. It seems everyone already has what they want!

But it is the gives of the heart that make the biggest impact. I am sure that "Pops" loved it.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

April said...

it's definitely hard to buy for a guy! Especially for one who doesn't ask for anything :)

Kids love to make things - they feel so proud of their accomplishments and something homemade (something TO BE EATEN), for dad - it always a good gift!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Looks like they had a blast making them too! :)