Friday, December 11, 2009

our first gymnastics meet

Cheyenne and Sierra had their first ever gymnastics meet last Sunday. It was an in-house meet so only the girls from our gym were there. Thank goodness! I don't think we could have crammed one more person into that gym. They each performed in four areas: beam, bars, floor, and vault (although they didn't actually use a vault, they just basically jumped on the springboard and landed on a mat.) Depending on the score, they could receive a blue, red, white, or yellow ribbon for each event.
They both did really well. Cheyenne received three red ribbons and one white. Sierra got two reds and two white. I was pretty impressed! The next meet is sometime in February. They are looking to get a blue or two then.

Before the meet, all the gymnasts lined up for all the audience to see. Sierra is the third from the right.
Cheyenne is the third from the left in this one (sorry about the quality, that's what prompted us to buy a new camera):
Here's a picture of the big group-I can pick out Cheyenne, but not sure which is Sierra
Here is Sierra on the beam:
And the dismount:
Here's Cheyenne on the beam:
Here is Cheyenne's floor routine. I thought she did pretty well. She's working on handstands still. I think she'll have it down by the next meet.

This is Sierra's floor routine. If you listen closely, you can hear a voice on the tape cuing the moves. She was expecting just the music, so the cuing threw her off a little. She's also not really a performer, so she was a little nervous. I can't wait to see how she does in February.

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