Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011-part 3: the other costumes

Sunday evening, Grandma Debbie and I took the three youngest kids to a Halloween carnival at Pops and Memaw's (my grandparents) church while Dakota was at her small group from church. They had a blast! There were hot dogs, caramel apples, carnival games, a cake walk, and CANDY! We came home with a cake, four cans of pop (that's soda for you non-Okies), some cream puff things, a dozen cookies, and a huge bag of candy. There was so much candy that when it was time to go home, they were handing it out to the kids by the handful. I thought it was funny that one of the men filling the kids' buckets with candy is a dentist. Think he was trying to drum up some business? HA!

The kids were really excited to finally get to wear their costumes.

We had Super Mario,

a cowgirl,

and a monarch butterfly (somehow I didn't get a picture of her with her wings on. She's just as cute without them though.)

Monday afternoon, we worked on some decorations for the house.

I saw something similar to this on pinterest and had to give it a try. I think it turned out cute. The night picture is not good, but trust me when I tell you it was pretty cool.

The kids also made paper plate jack o' lanterns to hang on the wall.
Sierra wanted to make some ghosts. She cut them out and hung them on the back door with the word "Boo".

The only problem was that she hung them on the inside of the door so when you stood outside and read it, it said "ooB"! She thought it was as funny as the rest of us. In fact, it's still up there and we all laugh about it everytime we go in our out the door.

Monday night was our church's Halloween event, called SUGARTOWN. It was so much fun! There were all kinds of inflatables for the kids to jump on, pizza, pop, a hayride, and more CANDY, of course. The kids got to wear their costumes again (thank goodness). Landon had saved his mustache to wear to Sugartown and he was so excited to try it on.

It was so cute! (Daniel tells me we had it upside-down but we tried it the other way and it didn't look right either.) He kept it on long enough for me to take the picture and then decided it was too itchy. I painted one on for him instead.

Since Landon wasn't going to wear the mustache, the girls decided to give it a try.

Dakota opted to just go as a regular nerd this time.
When we got to Sugartown, we found one of Cheyenne's friends in the same costume. How cute are they?
(I didn't get to ask her mom for permission so I won't show her face.)

The kids were moving so fast from one inflatable to the next that I barely got any pictures of them.

Dakota mostly just hung out. She was my runner for the evening, going to put things in or get things out of the van. Even though she was too big for the inflatables, I think she had a good time.
Halloween was so much fun this year! I think we have enough candy to last us until next Halloween!

Anyone have any good recipes to use up tootsie rolls?

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