Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr. Gappy

Monday night, I left Daniel home in charge of Landon and Sierra while I took Dakota and Cheyenne to Tae Kwon Do. When I left, both of the children were in one piece, but when I came home I found this (he took it himself)
Here's one I took.
I'm trying to be okay with this. It just makes me a little sad that Landon and Sierra are old enough to lose their top front teeth. Kids' looks change so much when their adult teeth come in. There is a little part of me, though, that kinda hopes the other one comes out before the new tooth grows in, though. I think he would look adorable missing his two front teeth!

For now, both of Sierra's front teeth are still holding on pretty tight. I'm glad because I don't think I could handle both at the same time.

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