Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our December-part 1 Green Belt Rank Test

One of the big events in December was when Dakota and Cheyenne had their third rank test for Tae Kwon Do. Their first test was for the rank of orange belt, which took about three months of training to earn. The second was for a green stripe on their orange belt. It took another six months. This test was for the rank of green belt and took an additional six months of training beyond their green stripe test.

For the test, all the students of the school (dojan in Korean) are allowed to dress in their uniforms and line up in front of Grandmaster Hwang, including the Tiger and Dragon classes. Sierra and Landon enjoy it because after the test, Mr. Hwang will write their name in Korean on their belt or uniform.

Here's Sierra warming up before the warm-up. :)
One part of the test was demonstrating forms for Mr. Hwang. Each advancement in rank requires mastery of new, more difficult forms.

They also had to show mastery of new self-defense techniques.
Both girls advanced to green belt. I'm so proud of them. It takes a lot of work and dedication to earn a green belt. They are in class 3-4 days each week and practice at home as well. When they test next time, it will be for a purple stripe on their green belt. It will most likely take a year or more to prepare for that test.

I love Cheyenne's face in this picture. She has good reason to be proud of herself.

It is an honor to have the Grandmaster present for the rank tests. Landon is always one of the first in line to get his belt signed.
Tae Kwon Do has been so good for my kids! It's about so much more than just learning to punch and kick. I can't wait until I can post pictures of their black belt tests!

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