Saturday, February 4, 2012

A girl, a guitar, and another lost tooth (or two)

Within the last 6 months or so, our kids have started receiving allowance. It's been interesting to see their different personalities when it comes to money. The older two are asked to tithe on what they receive because they get more. We don't check to make sure they do it because it's ultimately between them and God, but so far they have been pretty responsible for getting their 10% to church and have done so willingly.

The rest of their money is theirs to pretty much spend how they want. So, when they see something on TV or in the store they think they must have, I just say, "If that's what you want to spend your money on..."It's amazing that suddenly those things don't seem quite so cool anymore when it's their money being spent.

Dakota is the biggest saver. She hardly spends any of her money at all. She has a goal of buying herself a new laptop and she's pretty focused on it. But, she is also very generous with her money. Dakota gave money to Cheyenne and Sierra for their birthdays. She also bought her own ticket to see the David Crowder band in concert with the youth group.

Sierra is a window shopper. She gets this from me. Sierra loves to look at things in the store and ooh and aah over them, but doesn't actually buy anything. She'll be looking at something at the store and I'll say, "well, you have money if you want to buy it" She'll say, "I know," and put it back on the shelf.

Landon is like Dakota in that he is generous with his money. He's always trying to give it to someone. Last week, he went to bed and forgot to put his tooth under his pillow, so I did it for him. The next morning, he brought his tooth fairy money to me and said I should keep it since I'm the one that put the tooth under his pillow. He will spend it on something he wants, though.

Cheyenne is a spender. She can hardly stand to have money and not spend it on something. She's always asking if we can take her money and go to Wal-Mart. My answer is always, "When you know what you want, we'll take your money and go get it." Mostly, this is because I HATE walking up and down the toys aisles for hours waiting for them to pick something and because I can't stand to see them buy something they don't really want just because they want to spend their money. But also, I want her to learn to save.

Cheyenne got a pretty good lesson in the value of saving your money this week. She decided a couple of weeks ago that she wanted a guitar. She and Daniel have been researching them on the computer and looking for used ones on Craig's List. They had found one she liked that was in Tulsa, so Daniel sent an e-mail to the seller hoping we could check it out while we were there on Thursday. So, after we left Chuck E Cheese, we went guitar shopping.

The seller from Craig's list never called us back that day, but it worked out because she found a pretty good deal on a brand new one at the music store. It came with everything she needs to get started-guitar, strap, amp, bag, stand, and a DVD with some basic instruction. She was pretty excited!

When we stopped at McDonald's for dinner, she said she couldn't wait to get home to play her guitar. I told her that she didn't get a guitar and she had just dreamed it. She said, "No, I didn't, because I've already pinched myself to make sure." It was so cute!

As soon as we got home, she had it out of the box and ready to go. She played it for a little while, then Daniel showed her a thing or two.
She let everyone have a turn, but Landon and Sierra could only play it if they were sitting down on the couch. It's her baby!
After we finished Sierra's birthday cake, everyone else went off to do their own thing while she played her guitar some more. I was sitting at the computer and noticed that it got very quiet in the living room. I looked over and Cheyenne was sitting on the couch with the guitar on its stand and she was just staring at it. I could tell by the look on her face that she was dreaming of being in a band someday. Our church is just starting up a 5th and 6th grade band, so maybe after a little practice, her dream will come true!

Now for an update on Mr. Gappy...
Just a few days after he lost his top front tooth, he was eating a piece of cheese for lunch when he jumped up and started yelling, "Somebody get some salt water ready! Somebody get some salt water ready!" Apparently, his tooth on the bottom next to his front tooth was looser than I realized. That made two teeth in a week. I was pretty impressed!

On the way home from Tulsa on Thursday, he had a package of sweet tarts. He said, "Look, I'm a video game and this is my token," then he pushed the sweet tart through the gap in his teeth. He cracks me up!

Then yesterday, I was sitting at the computer (shocking, I know) and the kids were "cleaning" their rooms. He came running out of his room carrying a toy truck and telling me to "get the salt water ready" (it's what we use to rinse their mouths with they lose a tooth.) and handed me his other front tooth. He said it just "jumped out and landed in his truck."

If you're counting, that's three teeth in 11 days! Too many more and he'll have to drink his meals through a straw!

He has one more loose tooth that I know of, the bottom one on the other side of his front teeth. I wonder, how long before that one "jumps out" too?

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