Monday, February 6, 2012

Our December #4-Church Christmas program

This year I had three kiddos in the Church Christmas program. Cheyenne had a speaking part and Sierra and Landon were in the choir. They started practicing in November and it paid off. This was one of the best kids' Christmas programs I have ever seen!

The night of the program, they were pretty excited, as you can tell.

Cheyenne got to wear a headset mic and thought she was pretty cool.
The play was about a group of kids who were going to throw birthday party for Jesus and wanted to invite their whole town. They went to see a TV news reporter who thought it was silly. In the end, he comes to report on their party and ends up accepting Jesus. It was so sweet!

Cheyenne played the part of the little girl who kept track of how many "RSVP's" they got for their party.

Landon and Sierra did a great job in the choir! We practiced those songs until I could hear them in my sleep, but it was worth it because they knew every word.
To be honest, I didn't think Landon would last through the whole program. I expected him to come down off the stage or to get upset after a few songs. I completely underestimated him. He did such a great job! I was very proud of him!

Sierra is a lot like her mom in that she does not like the spotlight. She was so nervous. A few minutes into the program, I noticed she was holding this little girl's hand. She kept holding on almost the whole time. The little girl let go for a minute and Sierra grabbed the bottom of the little girl's dress. Toward the end of the program, I saw her whisper to herself, "I'm okay." I'm so proud that she stuck it out, though.
Cheyenne got to sing her first "solo" too. She sounded great!

Cheyenne also had the part of Mary near the end of the program. She took the part very seriously.
During this part of the program one of the little girls Sierra's age sang "Happy Birthday, Jesus." She did a beautiful job! I had already heard her sing it in practice but hearing it during the program was so powerful! It brought tears to my eyes! I know her mom was so proud of her!

The last song was the kids' favorite because it had actions. Can you tell Landon's enjoying it?
All the kids did such a great job. After the program, they had ice cream sundaes. The perfect way to celebrate their hard work.

I can't wait to see their program next year!

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