Thursday, February 2, 2012

My baby girl is 8! How'd that happen?

It's hard to believe it was 8 years ago that this sweet little baby came into the world.
She was a happy, content baby from day one.
Nearly everyone who meets her ends up calling her "smiley", especially Pops. Can you imagine why?

First thing this morning when Sierra woke up, Cheyenne made sure the birthday princess had her tiara on.
We had a special birthday breakfast of chocolate chip muffins and sausage. This girl loves chocolate (as you'll see in a little while)!
We stopped doing birthday parties with friends a couple of years ago. Instead, we all go out and do something fun together as a family. Sierra's choice this year, again, was Chuck E Cheese. The kids love it there!
Here's a little secret if you're going to take your kids to Chuck E Cheese. When they open, there are tickets and tokens spread throughout the game area that the kids can pick up, so it pays to be there early. We got there around 11 and were the first ones there. The kids had over 300 tickets and at least 10 tokens before we even started.

I really think we need to get one of these at home. It's a giant hamster wheel! Dakota set the high score on this today!
The best part of Chuck E Cheese is the games, of course.

After we left Chuck E Cheese, we went guitar shopping. Cheyenne has been wanting a guitar for a while and finally saved enough money to get one. More on that in another post.
Then, it was time to head home. On the way, we stopped at McDonald's for dinner. They had these fun Ronald McDonald smiles and I couldn't resist getting the kids' pictures with them.

And this is my most favorite picture I took all day. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. In fact, I printed it off and have it on the fridge!
When we got home, it was birthday cake time! Sierra's requested cake was a quadruple chocolate ice cream cake. It was a two-layer chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream between the layers. We covered it with cool-whip mixed with Nesquik and then added chocolate chips to the top. I told you the girl likes chocolate!

I love shopping for gifts for Sierra because she truly loves everything she gets. She was so excited about this hair stuff! She always makes you feel like you got her just what she wanted.
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All of the kids are going to be getting these Tae Kwon Do hoodies for their birthdays (Cheyenne was the first to get hers last month). Grandma P puts their TKD nicknames on the back. I love them!

As a surprise, Dakota slipped some cash in the pocket for her. It was so sweet and Sierra was really excited to find it.
Today was a really fun day!
Happy birthday Sierra!

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Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

Oh wow! What an awesome birthday. If I show up at your place on December 20, will you throw me an awesome birthday like that? ;)

So glad you had fun!