Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday's Fave Five 10/28/11

#1 Awesome coupons I had some really awesome coupons this week. I also had a little room in the budget to play with, so I was able to get use some coupons that were expiring and still get everything else we needed. All together, I saved $50 on my total! I was so excited!

#2 Great deals at Goodwill Sunday afternoon, the kids and I made a stop at Goodwill to look for things Dakota needed for her Halloween costume. While we were there, I found some other great deals, too. We got a pair of pants, shirt, and shoes for her costume and three pairs of jeans for her, too. My best find of the day was a tae kwon do top for $2.50! It is practically brand new. I was watching her during class on Sunday thinking that we needed to get her a bigger top and trying to figure out how long we could wait with Christmas coming up and possibly having three little girls having belt tests next month. I love the way that God worked that out for me!

#3Dakota's Halloween costume The youth group at church had their Halloween party on Wednesday night. Dakota went as "Revenge of the Nerd". There's actually a story behind this costume which will come in another post-I'll just say our inspiration had nothing to do with the movie. I thought it turned out really cute, though, and fit her personality so well!

#4 Having "big kids" While we were at the library on Wednesday, I needed to make some copies and also print some things from the computer. I took the kids over to the childrens' section and got them set up with books and computers there, then went over to the adult section where the internet computers are. I realized how much the kids have grown up in the last year or so. I'm enjoying this stage where my kids are more independent. Wednesday evening, I spent some time hanging out in the nursery with some other ladies. There was a 2 year-old and a 10 month old in there and I remembered how much work little ones are. It's nice not to have to have my eyes on the kids at all times.

#5 Kids' prayers The kids have been talking a lot about prayer in their Wednesday night class at church. Landon was telling me a couple of weeks ago that he fell down and hurt his knee when their class went outside but he and Miss B. prayed for it and it felt better. Last night, Sierra wasn't feeling well so she stayed home from Tae Kwon Do. When I told Landon she wasn't going, he just stopped and said "Dear God, please help Sierra get better." It was so sweet! And, you know what? It worked. She was feeling a lot better by the time we got home. I was going to take her in to the doctor this morning, but she's looking like she may not need to go after all.

What were your favorite things this week?


Lisa notes... said...

Isn't it great to shop at Goodwill. It helps everybody out. God is good.

I remember those days at the library when my daughters were little. It was fun in its own way, but I do love everybody scattering to their own books now.

Love the Halloween costume. :-)

Faith said...

i love library trips and I was just thinking last week when my daughter and i went that i MISS the days when she was less independent! lol....age 13 is almost here and she's my baby so.....the time flies...enjoy every single moment! yay for reminded me that i have a bag for them!

Susanne said...

So sweet when children just naturally pray for the situations at hand without thinking twice about it.

I remember thinking it nice at that age too that the kids were getting a bit independent. It's fun to watch our children learn and grow.

Willow said...

What a sweet boy to just offer a prayer for his sister right then and there.
Goodwill is so helpful with the budget!

Melanie said...

Love your faves! Goodwill deals are awesome; we have 2 Goodwill stores in my town and I LOVE them! The Halloween costume is cute. Aren't kids precious??