Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tim Hawkins, the State Fair, and Disney on Ice (lots of pictures)

Last weekend was so much fun! Daniel and I were able to get away for an actual date night on Thursday night. We haven't been able to do that in forever. It was awesome! We dropped the kids off about 2:00 and headed into town to run some errands and grab some lunch. Then, we were off to Tulsa for the night.

We checked into our awesome room at the Hilton (thank you priceline!) and then made our way over to the Green Country Events center to see Tim Hawkins. I was so glad we decided to get there early. It was general admission seating and when we got there (55 minutes early), the line was already to the parking lot!

Tim Hawkins lived up to my expectations and more. He was SO FUNNY! I've spent a lot of time watching him on Youtube and I really expected to have seen most of his act already, so I was really surprised that most everything was new to me. I was so sad that I left my camera in the van when they said that pictures and videos were allowed. Oh well. I've looked on youtube for some videos from that night, but haven't found any yet. But I did find a video from a different night of my favorite part of the show.

Friday morning, Grandma P., and Aunt D., our kids, and the cousins met us for breakfast at IHOP before we all went to the fair together. Cheyenne's jelly won first place at the county fair and went on to the state fair so we were excited to go see how she did. Unfortunately, she didn't place this year. This was our first year to enter so we did learn some things and get ideas so we can do even more next year!

Can you tell these kids were excited for the fair? They had never been to the State Fair before.

One of the first things we saw when we went through the gates were the seals. The show wasn't until later in the day but that didn't stop our kids from checking it out anyway. They thought it was cool watching the trainer work and watching this guy follow her around.

Next, we went into one of the exhibitors' areas. The kids got excited when they saw this booth because Grandma P. had just received her set the night before when they stayed the night and they had gotten to try it out. Poor guy missed that we were all together so he went through his whole demonstration for us before he realized we weren't going to buy anything. I think the one other lady standing there with us did, though.

Cheyenne and Sierra (mostly Cheyenne) have been asking and asking to get feathers in their hair. They jumped at the chance when Grandma offered to get it done for them.

I wasn't too impressed at first, but now that they've washed them a few times and the color has faded some, you can really see them well. I'll admit, they're kind of cute. But, we probably won't be replacing them when they fall out.

Next, we made our way to the Birthing Barn. There were tons of animals in there that were about to give birth or had recently had babies. Pretty cool! These sweet little babies were only 30 minutes old.
There was also a pig that had been delivering just before we got there and they were thinking a few more babies would be coming shortly. It didn't happen while we were there, though.

Next to the birthing barn was the petting zoo. The kids LOVED this part. I was expecting lots of farm animals but there were some exotic creatures in there too. The kids thought it was so cool to see a real Zebu (you know, from the veggie tales song).

The camel was pretty cool too.

And, of course, there were sheep and goats.

The biggest surprise was a kangaroo! I never expected to find that at the Tulsa State Fair. There was a wallaby in the cage next to it as well.

After the petting zoo, we went across to another building where they had some really cool hands-on science exhibits for the kids. There was ocean life to touch.

A giant area for building with blocks.

And a place where you could make really giant bubbles (somehow I missed getting pictures of it though.)

Next, it was time for Disney on Ice. The kids were pretty excited because it was Toy Story 3. One of our favorite movies (actually, we love all 3). We had a snack while we waited for showtime.

The show was pretty cool, but we were all a bit disappointed that they didn't follow the story line of the movie more closely.

I think the army men were my favorites!

The kids really got into it. Another first for Landon and Sierra.
It was Cheyenne's first time too (that she remembers anyway).

I don't know that I've ever posted about how much I love Mr. Potato Head (I'll have to do that later). They were adorable!

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
After the show, we checked out some more of the exhibitors, played a couple of games, had some funnel cake, and said goodbye to the fair. It was a fun day, but we were pretty tired and still had a 2 hour drive to get home.

In honor of Tim Hawkins, we stopped at Chic-Fil-A for dinner. It was so good! I always think of my days at OSU when I eat there. It was one of the things available in the student union, so I ate there quite a bit. We had ice cream for dessert and it was delicious.

Such a great weekend! It was just what we needed.

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