Sunday, June 7, 2009


***Update June 12,2009***I, along with countless others, am saddened and confused by the turn of events in the April Rose story. How someone could so convincingly make up such a tragic and touching story is beyond my understanding. However, the information that I have received about Beccah, the author of this story, is that she has (obviously) emotional and mental health issues that contributed to her actions. I along with many others I know, will continue to be in prayer for her that she will receive the help that she needs.

There is a baby girl that I (along with thousands of others in blogland) have been praying for over the last few months. She wasn't supposed to make it...and now SHE IS HERE! They are still taking things minute by minute as things are very uncertain about her condition, but for now, she is here. More proof that HE is here!

You can get updates on her at her mother's blog Embracing the Life of Little April Rose.

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