Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quote of the day

We have been working on getting Landon and Sierra to stay dry at night. They both wear pull-ups for bedtime right now and do pretty well for a few days, and then go back to accidents at night. I decided to try a new strategy this week to motivate them. For every day that they wake up dry, I put a smiley face on the calendar (red for Sierra and green for Landon). When they have 5 in a row, they can try sleeping without a pull-up. Well, that worked pretty well-for about a day. They both got one on the first day. Sierra got one on the second day. No one has gotten one the last two days.
Landon was really not happy that Sierra got one and he didn't on the second day, so yesterday he got up and changed his pull-up before I got up. He came and told me his pull up was dry and I said "is that the same pull-up you put on last night?" He said "No, but my pull-up is dry." So I told him that it has to be the same pull-up that he put on at bedtime and it has to stay dry all night. No happy face if you have to change your pull-up.
So, this morning, he came in to my room and said "I sleeped in my big boy bed all night (another thing we are working on). And my pull-up is dry!" I said "Is that the same pull-up you put on at bedtime?"
His reply? "Yes, I put on two pull-ups so my pee couldn't reach."

I think he gets a smiley face for that one!!!

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