Thursday, June 4, 2009

visit to the zoo #2

While Dakota and Cheyenne have been gone to camp, I've been in charge of entertaining Landon and Sierra. Since the weather was supposed to be cool on Wednesday, I thought it would be a fun day to visit the zoo.

It turned out to be a really good day for the zoo. It had rained a little in the morning and was kind of overcast most of the day. The animals were pretty active, so that was exciting. We had a pretty good time. The kids ran through the zoo so fast they probably can't tell you a single thing they saw, but it got us out of our house and let us be outside for a while. I think their favorite thing at the zoo was the playground.
They also liked this "baby elephant". The elephants are all visiting Tulsa right now, so it's the only one we got to see this visit.

And this water fountain. It was too hard for either of them to push the button and get a drink at the same time, so they each took turns pushing the button while the other got a drink. Very sweet.
Fianlly, we got to see some animals, Here is Sierra with the kangaroos.

Landon looking at the black bear. (He was asleep the last time we were at the zoo)
They also found some ducks they liked.

Here is Sierra "reading" one of the signs to Landon.
Here are some of the other animals that were out and about. I'm not sure the kids even knew they were there, but I enjoyed seeing them.
There was a badger,

a cougar,
a prairie dog,
a grizzly bear
and some other things.
But even more than the real live animals, Landon and Sierra loved the animal statues. We had to take pictures with every one that we passed.

And Landon's twin was still there waiting for us. : )

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