Friday, June 19, 2009

Making a splash

Instead of going to the pool at the Y today, we decided to stay home and play outside. I bought this little pool for an activity at school this spring. I wasn't planning on having the kids use it because it's REALLY small. But since it was so hot out today, I thought I would fill it up and at least let them splash their feet in it for a while. That wasn't good enough for them, though. They needed to be completely soaked!
Here they are-minus Dakota who has decided that she's too old for things like sprinklers and baby pools-getting totally soaked and having a blast.

(Just so you know, the pool has an inflatable floor so the poor little babies don't have to sit on the hard ground. I thought this was silly at first and almost didn't blow that part up. Now, I'm really glad I did!)

We also went to the splash pad yesterday again. This time, it was packed with kids. It was so funny to see the differences in my kids' personalities while we were there. Landon had fun for a while with the other kids, but we had taken some toys and he just couldn't stand to see the other kids using "his" toys-getting them in the mud, etc-so he finally just left the splash pad and went to play on the playground instead. Sierra LOVED having so many kids around. She ran around and around just laughing and saying "this is so much fun! I love you mommy!" Cheyenne found some kids her age and made up a game where you fill up the bucket with water and then dump it on each others' heads. And Dakota-well, she was Dakota. She spent the entire time sitting next to me at the picnic table, reading. Didn't get one drop of water on her.

It's still so strange to me that these four children have the same parents, live in the same house, and are still so DIFFERENT.

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