Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Cheyenne (better late than never)!

I mentioned the other day that we have entered the Harmon family birthday season. So far this year, our family has already had 4 birthdays-mine, Cheyenne's, Grandma Debbie's, and Sierra's. We are having a birthday party for Sierra on Saturday and then we get a couple of week's off before we get to Daniel's birthday. Whew! I need it! I've already baked 6 pans of birthday brownies and one cake, plus 70some cookies for kids' Valentine's parties (oops, I mean "friendship" parties) today.

Have I mentioned that my kids' birthdays can last weeks? They usually take treats to school on the day of their birthday. Then, we take them out for dinner and have cake and ice cream at home. We also celebrate with our families in McAlester-usually once at each grandma's house-the weekend before or after their birthday. My kids are the king and queens of birthdays!

The past couple of years, we haven't really done birthday parties for their friends. It seems like kids just don't really go to birthday parties anymore. The last couple that we did, only two or three friends showed up. But, my sly little offspring ganged up on me this year and convinced me that they "needed" friend birthday parties since we are moving.

Cheyenne had a bowling birthday party. The kids had a blast! In fact, it was so much fun that Sierra has decided to have her party there too.

Somehow we didn't get a single picture of Cheyenne bowling. But here are some of the other kids-even a big kid. :)

Be looking for pictures from Sierra's birthday tomorrow. I've got one more batch of brownies and cookies to go!

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