Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Sierra!

Once we finished with Cheyenne's birthday celebration, it was time to start Sierra's. We have been celebrating Sierra turning 6 for two weeks now! She started celebrating on January 30 at Grandma Phyllis' house. We had another birthday party on January 31 at Grandma Debbie's house. Her "real" birthday is on February 2 (she's our little groundhog baby), so she had brownies at school, went out to eat Chinese food for dinner, and had another round of birthday brownies at home for dessert.
That little number 6 candle looks innocent enough but, let me tell you, it cause A LOT of trouble at Grandma Debbie's house. :)

Sierra has played with this art set EVERY DAY since she opened it. Aunt D.D. knows what this girl likes!

"Look! I got a DOLLAR!"

I think this was Sierra and Landon's first time to play "stick the tail on the donkey".
They thought it was really funny when Sierra missed her mark, not so much when it was THEIR turn. :) We had to explain to Landon that putting the tail in a silly spot was part of the fun. He didn't really buy it.

Poor Donkey!

We had Sierra's "friend" birthday party yesterday at the bowling alley. She had three little girls from school, her brother and sisters (of course), and Grandma Debbie bowling with her. It was fun!
I remembered to get a picture of Cheyenne bowling this time. Landon is supervising. He seems to think he is a professional bowler since he's been TWICE now. :)

And here's the birthday girl. It was fun to see the difference in her personality when her friends were around.

Daniel and Landon watching the action.

Dakota spent most of her time hiding and playing her DS. She came out to take her turn to bowl, but couldn't really risk being seen with a bunch of kindergarteners too much. :)
Grandma Debbie and Sierra checking out one of her birthday cards.

After all the trouble it caused, we just had to use the number 6 candle one more time!

Happy Birthday Miss Sierra! Hope you have a great time being 6!

So, we have officially passed Sierra's birthday for this year. Now we're moving on to Daniel's birthday. I'm ready for that one because he won't be able to use the "you're 32 and I'm only 31" thing anymore (yes, he IS that mean to me :)).

After that, the one I'm really not ready for this year. I can't believe that Dakota will be 12! That just sounds crazy!

I think next year's birthday season will be much different. Since we will be living much closer to our families, we won't have to have quite so many celebrations. The kids will be disappointed, I know, but I am kind of looking forward to it. :)

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