Friday, September 9, 2011

The annual feeding of the ducks and Theta Pond pictures

Wednesday morning, we got up bright and early (actually, it was still dark out) and made the trip to Stillwater for the first time in over a year to attend a Celebration of Life service for a wonderful friend, R., who went to be with Jesus on Sunday evening. The service was beautiful! Just the way she would have wanted it, although she probably would have been upset with us all for making such a fuss about her.

Afterward, we had a chance to visit with a lot of friends we hadn't seen in a while. It was fun to catch up! We went to lunch at Eskimo Joe's (because you can't go to Stillwater and not go there) with some friends and their kids. Last time we saw them, there were three kids. In January, they were blessed with a sweet baby girl, A. So, in that group, the adults were outnumbered 2 to 1-8 kids and 4 adults. The kids had so much fun seeing their old friends and hanging out. It's a good thing Joe's is loud! Ha!

For dinner, we were joined by some other friends and their three kids. It's funny to think that when we all started hanging out all those years ago, Dakota was the only baby in the group. Almost three years later, we added Cheyenne and then there was a baby explosion! Now, if we all went together, there would be a total of 6 adults and 11 kids! Not a lot of restaurants that can seat that many all together.

(Can you believe that I didn't bother to get my camera out of the car? Ugh!)

While we were in Stillwater, we made sure to drop by OSU to get the annual Theta Pond pictures. I made sure to take my camera for the occasion, but I forgot to plan ahead and bring something to feed the ducks. Luckily, I had some whale crackers stashed in the car.

Dakota wasn't much into feeding the ducks this year. She decided she'd rather take some video of the other three.

This is the first year Daniel has gotten to come with us. Doesn't he look thrilled? Ha! (I'll be in trouble for that one)
I guess ducks don't really like whale crackers much because they didn't hang around for long. The kids spotted this little guy on a tree and thought they'd try their luck with him. He didn't care for our crackers either.

Landon wasn't very happy that our furry friend didn't want his treat.
Cheyenne likes to strike a pose for the camera no matter where we are.

Sierra found a feather (imagine that!) and thought she needed to have her picture taken with it.

As we were walking over, Dakota said, "Ya know, someday I'll be walking these very same sidewalks on my way to class." Five years. She could be going to school there in 5 years. How is that possible?

We took pictures on our bench (okay, maybe not the same bench. They all look alike)

And Daniel thought they should take some on the bridge.
I wasn't supposed to post this picture, but I thought it was funny so I did it anyway. (shh! Don't tell on me!)
Hard to believe how much they've grown! Cheyenne is now the same age Dakota was in the first picture and Sierra is the age Cheyenne was.


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