Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Batman is not my favorite superhero.

The person who invented this thing
better hope he never meets me in a dark alley! Sure he looks like a superhero on the outside, but in reality, he's just pure evil!

The kids and I had some errands to run in town this morning. By the time we finished, it was lunch time. Since we didn't do the breakfast dishes and the kitchen was a mess Since the kids were so good while we were out and about, we decided to grab something to eat before heading home for the afternoon.

I was feeling generous today, so I let the younger 3 get kids' meals with toys. They were so excited to get these
(do-it-yourself) Batman bobble head dolls. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong!

Daniel was still at work when we got home, so it was my job to help Landon put his together. I knew I was going to be in trouble when I opened the package and found this.
I am not very spatially intelligent. I need WORDS to guide me through the process. But this thing came with NO instructions. Only little tabs marked with ABC's and 123's and diagrams of what each piece was supposed to look like when it was finished. Not even a "start here".

Landon punched everything out for me and I had the task of making the flat pieces magically turn into a 3-D crime fighting friend.

I started with the "neck" piece and surprisingly got it pretty quickly. I was so proud until I set it down on the table and it popped open. Grr! So, I had Landon go get me the tape. It was going to stay together one way or the other. Got that piece done, then on to the "fist". Same problem. So I decided that every tab would get a piece of tape.

After about 10 minutes, Landon decided that he would rather watch TV so I was on my own. I got the fist done and moved onto the body, and head. Those two went pretty smoothly and I was starting to think I had underestimated my abilities.

Then, I came to the arms. Every time I would put one tab in, another would pop out.

Attracted by me yelling at the thing muttering under my breath "oh, come on!" and "how is THAT supposed to go THERE?", Cheyenne came in to offer moral support.

"Why are you putting ALL THAT tape on it?"
"Because I don't want it to fall apart when Landon plays with it."

"Oh. Well, at least it's going to be really shiny when you get done with it."


FINALLY, I got it finished, over 30 minutes later.

Cheyenne said "Can I open mine now?"

"No way! I'm not doing another one of those. You'll have to wait for dad."

"No, I can do it myself."

"Go for it then." (maybe a little bit sarcastically)

About 5 minutes later, she brings it to show me with the body, cape, and arms attached. "Look, I've got it almost done. It's staying together without ANY tape."

Then, 5 minutes after that. "I'm done!"
Smarty pants!

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Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Now THAT was funny! I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you because I have been there with that! My oldest daughter can often fix broken toys better/faster than I can. LOL