Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Question Friday 6/10/11

1. How close to your childhood dreams is your life now?
Hhmmm...some part of my life are close to what my dreams were and some parts are nowhere near. But I must say, I like this life better. I used to dream of important careers, money, vacations, cars, etc. In real life, I have four beautiful kids and an awesome husband to love me. I think I got the better deal in the end.

2. What is one must have item for the summer?
The camera! We have so much fun in the summertime and I want the kids to be able to look back at the pictures and remember.

3. Do you have your kids stay up on school stuff during summer vacation? (Or, if you don't have kiddos, did your parents make you keep up on school stuff during summer?)
Normally, no. We have always gone to the library program and read books during the summer but no real school work. This year is going to be a little different. I have some things in mind for us to learn about over the summer. Mostly just because I want to keep the kids busy. They'll have some things to work on, but it won't really be like our regular school year.

4. Do you can or freeze fresh produce?
No, but I really want to start. We missed the best time for planting here, so I guess it will have to wait one more year...

5. Do you get ready for the day first thing in the morning?
Only if I have somewhere I have to be early. I usually get up and put on some regular clothes, but they're usually from the day before. We don't go anywhere until around 5:00 most days, so I usually take my shower and get dressed around 4:00.

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Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Good answers!

Your Disney trip looks awesome!

I finally got around to posting the nice award you passed along to me. Thank you!