Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation Day 4-Epcot Center

Day 4 of our vacation was the big event we had been waiting for-Princess Breakfast! Sierra and Cheyenne wore their most "princessy" dresses and their tiaras for the occasion. They were so cute! Here's Sierra on the bus to Epcot. Can you tell she stayed out late the night before? Ha!
When we got to Epcot, we made our way to "Norway" where we were going to be dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. We had to wait a little while out in the heat, but it was totally worth it!
When it was our turn, we went inside and were greeted by Belle (the same Belle that the girls and I had met the day before-she was incredible!)
The food was fabulous! Sierra especially enjoyed the giant strawberries.
And as we were eating, the princesses came around to visit as well as Mary Poppins. They spent time at each table signing autograph books and talking with the kids. So much fun!
While we were there, the princesses gathered up all the kids and had a parade through the restaurant. I loved it! The best part of Disney World is the kids, even the ones who aren't yours. They were adorable! We actually were there long enough for the kids to do the parade twice. Once they walked with Mary Poppins and once with Snow White.
All the kids had a great time, even Dakota (who would never be caught in a tiara, but did enjoy wearing her Mickey Mouse ears).
If you're taking little girls to Disney World (or even little boys-ours loved it), I think this is definitely a "must do". It's a little pricey just for one meal, but the experience is priceless!
Here are a few pictures from the rest of our day at Epcot.

We rode Spaceship Earth and a few other rides at Epcot and then called it a day. It was so hot (have I said that already?) and we were still pretty wiped out from the night before. We went back to the hotel and enjoyed some down time (naps). We had to rest up for another busy day on Vacation Day 5-Typhoon Lagoon!

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