Monday, August 22, 2011

I think it's about time for school to start around here.

I sent the kids to clean their rooms this afternoon. They usually end up discovering toys they had forgotten about and do more playing than cleaning. That doesn't really bother me, though, because the house gets really quiet for 30 minutes or so and it gets them away from the TV and computer.
Dakota and Landon were finished first. Sierra usually takes forever because she makes a game out of everything and she likes to take everything out of her drawers and toy boxes to "organize" it. I wasn't expecting her anytime soon. After the first two were finished and had come out, Cheyenne was still in her room. I was beginning to think she had fallen asleep when she came out and said she had something to show me.
She made me close my eyes and led me to her room to show me this:
She made it with post-it notes she got for her birthday (I knew they were a good idea!). Cool, huh?

Here's a closer picture
Can you see the numbers? It's a calendar! I asked her what she was going to do at the end of the month when the dates would be different. She said "I wrote the numbers with a pencil so I can erase them." Not sure how well that will work out, but I was impressed that she had thought that through.

She was pretty proud of it


CM said...

Ha! That's pretty cool. She could just take each day down as the day passes. It could be like a count down type of thing. Just a thought :-) Very creative!

April said...

That is very creative! I'm a calendar nut - we have them everywhere so everyone knows what is going on when. :-) Maybe she can make a new one on a dry erase board? We did one using electrical tape for the columns. You have the opposite of our family - we have three boys and one girl. Girl being the oldest. I'm your newest follower visiting from the Crew... April

Jesse, said...

That is a great idea! I need to give some to my DD. She would love this in her room.