Monday, August 29, 2011

She got me!

At lunch today, the kids started getting a little silly. Landon started the "magic tricks". He put his fork under the table and said "I will now pull a fork out from under the table! Ta-da!"

That was followed by the other three making their food or drinks "disappear".

Dakota said, "Oh, I've got one! I need a hat!" She ran back to her room and got her Mickey Mouse ears she got from Disney World,
(hers were my favorite)
put them over her cup, and said, "I will now take a drink from this cup without touching the hat."

I said, "Yeah, right."

She climbed under the table and made slurping sounds like she was drinking through a straw. "Ta-da!"

I laughed and told her she was goofy.

She said, "No, really. Look in the cup."

I said, "I know you already drank it all before you put the hat on it."

She said, "I refilled it. Look in the cup."

I picked up the hat and, sure enough, she had refilled it.

Before I could say anything, she smiled, picked up the cup, and took a drink.

Yep, she got me!


Athena said...

Stopping by to say hi from the crew blog hop!

trooppetrie said...

oh my goodness this sounds like fun family times to me.

Photographing Mom said...

Oh, she's a quickie!! Definitely got you - she would have got me, too!