Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A peek into our day today

Nothing special going on around here today. We're just having fun enjoying the end of our summer break. We'll be officially starting our new school year in only three weeks! If you had stopped by around lunchtime, here's what you would have seen.
Landon got this farm set for his birthday last month. It has tons of little tiny pieces and I really didn't think it would last very long before they were all lost. Surprisingly, they have been really good about picking it all up and putting it back in the box when they are finished. It comes out about once a week and is good for about 2 hours of fun!
We had a tv and video game "fast" for a while this morning after breakfast. I let them turn it back on around noon. I'm trying to ease them back into the school schedule where the tv is off most of the day except a little while at lunch time.
Cheyenne has decided that it's her official job to cook lunch for us everyday. She's getting better at it and most days she doesn't really need my help. All I have to do is set the table. She does the rest.
After lunch, the kids cleaned up the kitchen! It's kind of nice to have "big" kids sometimes (although it makes me sad to think that I don't have ANY little ones anymore).

I love having pictures of everyday things. Holidays and vacations are fun, but these are memories I like the best. Just our day to day times of being together.

And now, the outtakes. :)

I'm going to be in so much trouble for those someday! Ha!

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