Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a swingin'...

...and teeter-tottering and hanging upside down!

Daniel went out yesterday and put the kids' swing set up for them yesterday. It had been in the barn since we moved in July. It was really dirty, so he got out the sprayer and washed it off, which meant that they had to wait until today to play on it so the ground could dry up. I think they were happy to see it.
Yes, he is wearing his spiderman mask, a jacket, and flip flops. He dressed himself. About five minutes after this picture, he came in and changed into tennis shoes.
I'm so happy that they have something to play on when they go outside now. They've been needing to get outside and burn off some energy the last few days. They've already been out there for over an hour (minus Dakota who decided it was too cold) and I really hate to have to go get them in a few minutes, but we have to get some school work done today.
Landon is excited to have one more way to make me nervous.
And Sierra is excited that she can finally get up on the high bar without any help!

I know the kids are going to have great memories of playing together out on the swing set.!

This swing set is also special to us all because of how we got it. When we lived in Stillwater, Pawpaw and Grandma Debbie bought it for the kids and brought it out to our house.
Putting the swing set together was the last big thing that Pawpaw got to do for the kids. So, when I look out and watch them playing on it, I remember how much he loved the kids.
I hope they do too.

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