Monday, March 7, 2011

True Story Tuesday

I had this post all ready to go on Monday night. I was so excited to get to link up for the first time for True Story Tuesday! It just wasn't meant to be, though. Our internet service was totally down from Tuesday morning through Friday afternoon. This story just cracks me up, though, so I'm going to go ahead and post it anyway. Hope it makes you smile too.

Saturday evening, I got a chance to go grocery shopping Yes, really, I went with no kids! It was so nice to actually be able to walk through the store and actually shop rather than try to sprint through as fast as possible hoping that nothing gets broken, no one gets lost, and nothing extra makes its way into my cart when I'm not looking.
For a Saturday night, it was actually pretty quiet in the store. For those who don't live in small-town Oklahoma, Saturday night is THE night to go to Wal-Mart. That's where we go to socialize. The tradition is that you go out to eat, then you go to Wal-Mart to "walk it off". Actually, you just go to see who else is hanging out at Wal-Mart. Don't judge. There's not much else to do around here.
Anyway, I was strolling along in the cake mix aisle, minding my own business. My first grade teacher taught me that we should always walk on the right hand side of the hall, so that's what I do when I shop too. But, I found myself needing something from the left hand side of the aisle. I didn't really want to stop and completely block traffic, so I decided to do a "walk and grab" from the middle of the aisle. As I started to move my cart toward the middle, I hear a man behind me say, "Do you eat bacon bits?"
Now, I just assumed that he was talking to the person who was with him, so I retrieved the needed item and started to make my way back to the right hand side of the aisle where I was supposed to be. I turned to glance behind before I merged back into the flow of traffic and right there just inches from my cart was the man I had heard. I wasn't expecting that, so I kinda jumped and said, "Oh! Excuse me!"
He looked right at me and said, "Do you eat bacon bits?" Huh??? I said, "Uh, sure." He had caught me completely off-guard with his question. I couldn't figure out why in the world he would care whether or not I ate bacon bits. Finally, after a couple of awkward seconds, he said, "Where are they?"
Oh! Now, I understood (yes, I'm a little slow). So I said, "Oh, they're up toward the front by the salad dressing..." I was going to explain further, but he waved me off saying, "Okay, I'll find them when I get up there," and went on his way. I think if I had given him more detail, it would've been too much like giving him directions, and you know that a man cannot ask for directions!
After he walked away, I just kind of stood there for a moment letting the moment sink in and I just had to giggle a little bit. Actually, I giggled a lot. And then I texted my husband and told him about it and posted it to my facebook wall. I mean, really, who says to a strange person at Wal-Mart, "Do you eat bacon bits?" Did this guy really weigh his options and decide saying that was a better way to start the conversation than "Do you know where the bacon bits are?" Just gotta wonder...
And, just so you know, I did see him later on during my shopping trip and he assured me that he did, indeed, find the bacon bits. Good to know!

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