Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
We got a surprise on Thursday night last week when Daniel got to come home early from Texas! I didn't tell the kids he was coming, so they were really surprised to see him. He was back in OK for 16 hours and then had to leave for Texas again. Happily, he came back last night and shouldn't have to go again for at least a few weeks.

When we were driving to Tae Kwon Do yesterday afternoon, Sierra randomly said, "When I'm asleep, it feels like I'm in outerspace in just my pj's...and a helmet." She cracks me up with some of the things she says! That girl can always make me smile.

We have been working so hard on not eating out since we've moved and we've been doing really well. For at least the last month or so, we've only eaten out on special occasions. Other than those few times and the times we've eaten at Grandma's house, we've been cooking at home. But last night, I just couldn't bring myself to cook (mostly I REALLY didn't want to do another load of dishes), so Daniel picked up pizza on his way home. Since we hadn't done that in a while, it was sooooooooo good! I like that eating out is a treat again rather than just another meal.

We're still trying to decide whether to keep the internet service we have or switch to something else. After all the trouble we had with it, they sent a tech to fix it for free and also extended out trial period. It has worked well since the tech was here, but I'm still not sure. It worked great before until 4 days after the trial period was over. Not sure I want to take that chance again. I'm not going to be happy with having to call a tech to come every time the wind blows hard. We live in OK, so we'd have to have one permanently camped in our front yard.

I have started working on revamping our homeschool schedule for the rest of the school year. We've had so many random days off here and there and days that we only got to half of our work for the day that we're way off track time-wise. If we continue to do just one day of work each day, we will finish our curriculum sometime in the middle of July! While I do want to continue with some schooling through the summer, I don't want to still be working on the same curriculum we started in September. So, we're going to start doubling up some things and working some on the weekends. I know we'll have more than our required number of days by the middle of June, so I'm hoping to wrap up this first year's curriculum by then. Then, we'll work on some unit studies and fun stuff for the summer and start back with the new school year after Labor Day.

I just looked over at the couch and noticed a yellow-green crayon peeking out from under the edge of it. Surely this is not the same yellow-green crayon that has been there since Friday? I'm sure that I told at least two different children at two different times to put it away. Hmm...Maybe there's just a whole bunch of yellow-green crayons under that couch and they're making their way out one-by-one. Does this happen at anyone else's house?

Okay, I'm off to get these kids some breakfast so we can get our school day started. My evil twin came over yesterday when we were getting ready for church and promised my kids that we would have chocolate chip pancakes this morning since we ran out of time yesterday. I've got to remember to take her key away. She always gets me into trouble. :)


Alely said...

i am with you on #3! i've been trying to do a lot more cooking at home but life is just so much easier when we go out to eat but of course can be expensive!

happy tuesday!


Rachel said...

I am still cracking up at Sierra's outer space comment! ha! :) And the crayon... totally happens at my house too!