Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Florida Vacation-days one and two:traveling and Cocoa Beach (hope you like pictures)

We're baaack! We had an awesome time in Florida! Disney World truly is a magical place and we loved it. I could definitely get used to living in the world of storybook princesses, pixie dust, and rooms that magically clean themselves while you're out having fun.

We started our journey to Florida on Friday afternoon around 1:00. The plan was to drive all night and get there sometime Saturday evening, get settled into the hotel, and be ready for a full day of Disney fun on Sunday. Traveling with 6 kids, we were expecting to stop A LOT on the drive. I expected the 1200+ mile drive to take around 28 hours total.
Here's one of our late-night gas/potty stops. The kids got in a quick game of tag and stretched their legs before piling back into the cars and going to sleep for the night.

Even after hours of being in the car, the kids had smiles on their faces.

Tag! You're it!

The kids really surprised us with how well they did. I can only think of a couple of times we stopped other than for gas or meals. We made the trip much faster than expected-about 22 hours instead of 28! We even made it too early to be able to check in at the hotel.
Since we had some extra time to kill, we drove over to Cocoa Beach. Of the 6 kids only 3 had ever seen the ocean before and none of the 3 really remembered it much. My favorite thing of the day was when Cheyenne came over the top of the crossover and saw the ocean for the first time. All of a sudden, she gasped and said "That is not what I expected at all!" I asked her what she expected and she said, "I don't know but I never expected it to be so BIG!" It was so sweet! The kids had a blast playing in the waves and sand. Definitely something we have to do again soon.

After the beach, we walked over to Ron Jon's surf shop before making our way to the hotel to check in. We decided to take the scenic route back to Orlando and drive by Cape Canaveral on the way.

I'm so glad we went that way. Not only did we get to see all the really cool NASA stuff, but we got some good views of some Florida wildlife too. We saw several alligators in the water along the side of the road. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), they were too shy for us to get any good pictures. Trust me, though, they were pretty cool.
A little further down the road, we saw dolphins! There were lots of them just a little way from the shore. We stopped and watched for a while wishing we could get in and swim with them (or maybe that was just me).
Dolphins are some of my favorite animals! I could watch them for hours.
(The video is so much better, but my dinosaur of a computer won't let me upload it. Grr.)

Can't wait to tell you all about our first official day at Disney World-the Magic Kingdom! But it will have to wait for another post. Right now, I'm off to put away some of the mountain of laundry that followed us home (too bad the room cleaning fairy at the hotel didn't do laundry too) and then to take Dakota to the dentist. Fun stuff! I know you're jealous!

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