Tuesday, May 3, 2011

True Story Tuesday-

For this week's True Story Tuesday, I'm going to go waaaaaaaaay back to my junior year of high school. Can't believe it's been 16 years! Wow!

My very first car was a '66 mustang.
(this is not my car, but similar. This image is from classicponycars.com)
I LOVED that car. Actually, I still love it. My mom has it in her garage. Someday, I hope we can get it back out on the road. I would love to drive it again. Every time I go out there and see it, I think of this song (grab some tissues if you go listen). My dad and I always had a thing for old mustangs.

Anyway, as much as I loved it, I decided for some reason that I needed a "new" car. I ended up with one of these
(again, not my actual car. This photo was taken from howitworks.com )

I had so much fun with that little car, eventually. First, I had to learn to drive it because it happened to be a standard. Coordination is not one of my gifts, so the whole gas/clutch/brake/shift thing took a while for me to master. Once I got going, I did great. It was the stopping and starting again that got me. Big problem when you live in a town with a stop sign at every corner.

After a few lessons with my dad, I was getting it down pretty well so I thought I would venture out on my own. I can't remember if I went to work or just out for a drive but I remember that it was going pretty well until I came to a certain 4-way stop on my way home. Stopping was fine, but getting going again-not so much. Let's just say that I definitely came to a full and complete stop (more than once). I finally made it home and promptly forgot about the whole incident. The important thing was that I had been out driving my new car ALL BY MYSELF.

The next day, I drove it to school and got to show it off to my friends. I got a lot of attention that day and was feeling so proud. My proudest moment of the day was just before Trig class. We were all standing around outside the classroom waiting for a few stragglers from the class before to leave so we could go in. I was talking to a friend who was in the class with me when THE guy walked up. You know THE guy-senior, football player, blue eyes, tall, cheerleader girlfriend, wouldn't talk to me in a million years-well, he walked over to me and said "Hey, did you get a new car?" I couldn't believe it! Not only was he talking to me, but he had noticed me and my new car. I think the only thing I managed to say was "Yeah," but I'm not sure he could have heard over the pounding of my heart. Then he said, "It's a standard, huh?" My heart still trying to come out of my chest, I managed an "Uh-huh," this time.

Then, he smiled his perfect smile at me and said "Yeah, I saw you at the stop sign last night."

If only the floor could have opened up and swallowed me right then. I don't remember anything else that happened that day, but I'm pretty sure I didn't learn any trig.

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Wow does that bring back memories! I never learned to drive a stick shift and that's what hubby owned when we got married. He tried and tried to teach me but I hated it and resisted. One day he left me with the car and a must do errand. Lord knows where he got the nerve! I think I stalled repeatedly at every stop sign and red light in town! But I learned to drive that car! That was 30 years ago though and I couldn't drive a stick shift today if you paid me!

Rachel said...

Oh man, I totally know that feeling!!! And somehow it is just worse when you are in high school, right?

I cannot believe you gave up a 66 Mustang for a new car??? hee hee!