Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend post #2

***updated: Sierra and Cheyenne went to a wedding today with Grandma Phyllis and wore their Easter dresses, so I added a picture of Sierra in hers. She was so cute in it!***

After the kids finally went to bed, the Easter Bunny came and left them baskets full of goodies. She (yes, we have a female Easter Bunny) was so exhausted from the day's activities that she almost fell asleep. Thank goodness she remembered just before dozing off. :)

Here are the kids checking out their Easter treats.

Then, it was time to get ready for church. We usually go to church with my grandparents (Pops and Memaw). Sierra loves to go to Sunday school when we go to church with them and Cheyenne had decided to go to. That's when the drama began...

I started getting Cheyenne and Sierra ready first because they were going to leave before the rest of us. I made some cute hairbows the night before to go with their dresses, so I decided that I would actually fix their hair. I had visions of lovely little girl curls down Cheyenne's back, so I thought I would see what I could do with a curling iron. I took her back to my mom's room and looked in the cabinet where we always kept the curling iron, except it wasn't there. Hmmmm...so I opened a drawer. No curling iron, but there was a round brush in there. (Have I mentioned that I do not do hair???) Well, you can probably guess what happened. The brush got stuck. Yep. She and I kind of laughed about it at first, especially when I looked in the drawer again and there sat the curling iron. I hadn't even noticed it. I stood there and worked on getting her unstuck for a little while and made some progress. Then I looked at the clock and realized that Sierra needed to be getting her hair done. I sent Cheyenne in to let Daniel work on her situation while I got Sierra ready....(skipping some not so nice parts here)...it took FOREVER to get that stupid brush out. Daniel ended up having to use a pair of pliers to remove each and every last bristle from the brush. The good news is that we were able to avoid cutting it out of her hair. And she turned out beautiful (with non-curled hair).

You know, grief is a weird thing. Just when you think you're doing okay, it sneaks up and grabs you again. I made it just fine on Saturday through looking at headstones and visiting the cemetery. It definitely wasn't what I wanted to be doing, but I was okay. But sitting there in the midst of all the hair brush drama, I had the thought, "If my daddy was here, he would be able to get this thing out." And that was that. I pretty much just lost it for a while. We've already had Thanksgiving, Christmas, four birthdays, and my parents' anniversary without him and Easter really isn't THAT big of a deal in our family. But somehow, not having him there for it was really hard. I hadn't expected that. I managed to mostly pull it together and get everyone to church. I had another little meltdown after the service, and then managed to put on my happy face for the rest of the day. But, the clouds were there in the background from then on.

Anyway, we got the kids dressed and made it to church on time (except they started early, which wasn't fair). Here are Landon and Dakota dressed for church. Sierra left early to go to Sunday school, so I missed getting a picture of her by herself on Easter morning. Her picture is from the following Saturday when she was getting ready to go to a wedding with Grandma Phyllis.

These are my kids at church, along with three of my cousins who happen to be around my kids' age. They have lots of fun playing with their cousins when they all get together. Landon hates to have to pose for picutres if it's not his idea, so this was the best smile we could coerce out of him.
After church, we changed and headed out to Pops and Memaw's house for lunch and an egg hunt.
Some more cousins joined the kids for the fun.
Trying to get that many kids together for a posed picture when there are Easter eggs in sight is not an easy task. At least Landon had decided that group pictures were fun after all.

Let the egg hunting begin!

After lunch, it was birthday time! Pops just had his 75th birthday on April 1 and Dakota will be turning 12 on April 15. Since we were all together for Easter, we had a joint birthday celebration for them.

Our Easter fun wasn't nearly over yet. Part 3 coming soon...

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