Thursday, April 15, 2010

stART-Goldilocks and The Three Bears

I had a much more "artsy" activity planned for this week, but we just didn't get it done. Today is Dakota's birthday and it kind of threw my schedule off a bit. So, I'm going to post about what we did yesterday instead. It's more craft than art, but it turned out pretty cute and Landon had a good time making it.

We started out by reading this book:

I found this book on the new shelf at the library the other day. I think the illustrations are very nice. The thing I like best about it, though, is that the story is told very simply and there aren't a lot of words on each page. Sometimes the older folktale books are really long and don't hold Landon's attention. He loved this one though. It was "just right." :)

For our project, we made a bear mask. I had Landon paint a paper plate brown for the main part of the mask. While we waited for the paint to dry, we played with the Lego Education set that I got in the mail on Tuesday. Landon had lots of fun with it! These were the small legos so they were great for building his fine motor skills.

He made some diving boards and used the other pieces to be the people jumping off!
Once he had enough of the legos, we started constructing our bear. Landon loves googly eyes, so we had to put some of those on. He picked them up and said "Hey, mom! These are squoooooooshy!"
Next, I had him cut out one brown circle and one pink circle for the ear ( traced them for him) and also the nose. I cut out the other ear. We glued those to the top.
Then, I cut a mouth. Landon told me that he wanted a happy mouth for his bear, but when he glued it on he put it upside down like a frown. He said the bear was mad because someone ate his "pouwige" (porridge).
Here's the finished product once it dried-modeled by Cheyenne.

Landon was still in the mood for cutting and gluing once his bear was finished. I saw the grocery store ads sitting on the table with the newspapers, so I thought we would make a collage. Landon said he didn't think he would like porridge for breakfast, so I asked him to look at the ads and find things he would like to have for breakfast. We took turns cutting things out and he glued the ones he liked best on another paper plate.
I'm still not sure whether he actually wanted to pork and beans for breakfast or if he was just to busy cut it apart from the juice picture. :)
Once that was finished, he wanted to play with shaving cream. I thought it would be a good activity to keep him busy while I worked on lunch, so I let him. He had fun getting messy with it, but the part he liked best was washing it off the table. Weird kid, I know!

And just because, here is a game that Landon and I made when we read WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. It's played pretty much like CANDYLAND, except with letters. We are working on the names of lower case letters, so that's what I used. It was fun!
I can't wait to hop around and see everyone else's stART projects for this week!


Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Love the game idea!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the idea of looking for foods he would like to eat!

sbswtp said...

The mask came out great!

Anonymous said...

How cute, he did a nice job. I'll have to keep an eye out for the book. My son attends a Montessori school and the table washing work is VERY popular. It helps with after dinner clean up :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

The bear's expression is perfect. I would look like that too if someone ate my "pouwige."

Ticia said...

My kids and Landon would get along great for breakfast.

Char said...

Cute bear and playing in shaving cream is the best. I am glad your son enjoys cleaning up, my daughter loves cleaning up too. BTW I am now following your blog. I also was an early childhood teacher. I loved teaching, but feel so blessed that God has given me the opportunity to stay at home. It's great to meet you.