Monday, April 5, 2010

Mama Guilt Monday

Mama Guilt Mondays
This week's prompt:
Tell Us About YOUR Kiddo’s First Big Owie: Black Eye, Broken, Bone, etc.

Cheyenne was our first child to ever go to the ER. She was about 2 1/2 at the time. It was during summer vacation when I was teaching in Ponca City (about 45 minutes from here). I left the girls (there were only two at that time) home with Daniel while I went to work in my classroom for a while.

I hadn't been there too long when I got a call from Daniel that Cheyenne had fallen off the couch and hurt her arm and he was taking her to the ER. He had dropped Dakota off at a friend's house. He said she was fine and that I didn't need to come home-like that was going to happen.

So, I loaded up and rushed to meet them at the hospital. By the time I got there, she had already been to x-ray and was lying in a HUGE bed watching TV with an icepack on her arm and her arm propped up on pillows. She looked so tiny! I felt so guilty for not being there 1)to stop her from getting hurt, 2)to drive her to the hospital, and 3) to go with her to get an x-ray.

Luckily, it wasn't broken and she was fine to go home just a little while after I got there. I still felt really bad about it though.

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Cop Mama said...

Oh dear, I'm sure that was stressful trying to get to the ER! We have yet to make a trip to the ER, but I'm sure sooner or later!

Thanks for linking up and sharing YOUR Mama Guilt!