Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me Monday! (without pictures. Can you believe that?)

I'm so excited to be doing a Not Me Monday post this week. I've been missing it. Of course, I do NOT ever have anything to confess to anyway, right?

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On Wednesday night, the following conversation did NOT happen when my husband came in from working outside.

Me: "Whatcha doin'?

Him: "Checking to see what time How the Train Your Dragon starts."

Me: "Oooooooh. Well, what time?"

Him: 4:30, darn.

Me: *checks time* "No way we will make that. The kids are filthy. They need to take showers
before we go. What time does the next one start?"

Him: "8:45"

Me: "Wow, that won't get out until, like 11:00. Guess we'll have to do it another day."

Him: "Yeah. It'll have to be next week though. The girls have gymnastics tomorrow and Chey has softball on Friday."

Me: "Unless...we had them go ahead and take the showers. They could go in their pjs. Ha!"

Him: "That could be fun." *goes to front door and yells* "Dakota, go get in the shower so we can go to the movies!"

Even if that conversation had happened, we definitely would NOT have followed through with such a crazy plan. NO WAY!

We did NOT actually take our children out to the movie theater at 8:45pm on a school night to see a movie that we have been anticipating for months because I do NOT have a dragon obsessed 11 (soon to be 12) year-old. If we did, the theater definitely would NOT have been empty except for us and four college age guys/girls. We did NOT sit on the very back row and stuff ourselves with popcorn and coke and have a great time. The kids did NOT think we were pretty cool and Landon did NOT tell me three days later "Mom, that was so fun (except he says it "sun") when we went to the movies in our pajamas!" I do NOT hope they remember that for a long time!

By the way, the movie was NOT great! (although some parts were a little intense for the little ones) and Dakota did NOT cry!

What did you NOT do this week?

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