Sunday, March 28, 2010

Because kids live here

Some things seen in my house because kids live here:

Muddy handprints on the bathroom counter (and walls) from a day of digging in the dirt outside.

An autumn tree and a Thanksgiving turkey on my wall in March because they just won't let me take them down.

A weird cross between a pen holder and a coffee mug on my mantle.

A third grader in a sombrero and a kindergarten Santa Claus girl.

A random pink and green magnifying glass and a princess button.

A pink teddy from a babies' NICU bed and another odd pen holder thingy.

In a few years, my house will be quiet. I will not be picking up little shoes and pjs from the floor every day. The laundry will all get done in one day. I will mop the floor and it will stay clean for more than a few minutes. But for now, I will enjoy all the little things I have in my house that remind me just how lucky I am that kids live here.

What do you have in your house because kids live there?

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Jackie said...

Whoa. You definitely made me think.