Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Wednesday was our "relaxing day". The only relaxing part was that we didn't go anywhere. We stayed home all day. To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we did some activities together.

First of all, the kids were really into the pinching thing. They all made sure they were wearing green on their pajamas before they went to bed the night before. To their disappointment, so did I. Each one of them came into my room while I was still in bed and tried to get their pinch in before I got up. HA! They were pretty happy when Daniel came home for lunch and wasn't wearing any green.

Our first St. Patrick's day activity was to make "Leprechaun Ladders." I borrowed the idea from Look At My Happy Rainbow! (his were way cooler than mine, but we had to make due with what we had). I helped the girls make a shamrock pattern to trace and cut out (I drew and cut out Landon's for him). They used pencils to make holes in the shamrocks, then put them on a piece of ribbon-alternating shamrocks and pieces of drinking straw.

Cheyenne and Sierra worked really hard on their leprechaun ladders. Sierra did everything herself once I made the pattern for her to trace. She was the last one finished, but it looked really good!
Landon didn't want to trace or cut his, but he insisted on stringing it himself.

Our next project was making fruit loop rainbows. I always made these in my prek and kindergarten classrooms when we talked about the letter R. All you need is half of a paper plate, fruit loop cereal, and glue. The rule is that you can only eat the fruit loops of the colors you have finished. Good motivation for kids who have a hard time staying with it (like Landon).

Dakota enjoyed this more than I thought she would.
Here are two of the finished products.
Once we had finished the crafts, it was time to make lunch. Our tradition is to have green eggs and green ham for breakfast and green mac and cheese for lunch. But, I'm not really into cooking three meals a day anymore (especially when I have to do the dishes). So, this year we moved our green meal to lunch time. We had green eggs, green ham (that always turns out gray, but the kids insist on having it), green pears, biscuits, and milk. Since green eggs and ham really don't look very appetizing, I decided to skip the pictures of this part.

After lunch, I sent the kids outside. While they were playing, I whipped up some green shamrock sugar cookies.
I used my heart cookie cutter for the leaves, then rolled a stem. I thought they turned out pretty nice. They were HUGE though. Cheyenne and Sierra couldn't finish theirs after dinner.

It was a pretty fun day. As I have been reading other blogs the last couple of days, I have seen even more fun activities that we are going to do next year. I can't wait to try some rainbow pancakes, rainbow cupcakes, and pots of gold jello!

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