Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring break fun at the park

The girls are on Spring Break this week. Landon and I have enjoyed having them home the past couple of days. To keep the kids (and myself) from spending the entire break in front of the computer and TV, I always try to plan some fun activities for us to do together. Yesterday, we went to the library. Landon, Sierra, and I went to story time while Dakota and Cheyenne browsed through the books. It was fun and we walked out with lots of fun books, a CD for the van, and a movie.

Today was park day. We stocked up on park supplies-a new kite for each of them, sidewalk chalk, a frisbee, and some little airplane toys-and headed to the park. It was pretty cool out (isn't it supposed to be SPRING break?). I probably should have had them in their heavier coats, but we all survived. The wind was blowing nicely for flying kites. I don't remember us ever being very successful in getting the kites into the air before, but today we did it! All four of them got their kites up! It was pretty exciting.

Once we had our fill of kite flying, we headed over to the playground to play on the equipment and do some drawing with sidewalk chalk.
Landon wanted to draw a house. He drew the square (with round corners) and Sierra put on the roof. I drew Daniel and Landon drew himself. He didn't want anyone else "in" his house. Guess he's giving us girls the boot!

Cheyenne wanted to make a giant hopscotch. She made it to 43 squares before she ran out of space and time. Dakota tested it out for her several times as she was working on it.

Sierra decided to draw a house too. Here she is working hard on the smoke coming from the chimney.

We spent a few minutes on the swings before hunger, cold, and a certain 6 year-old's need to use the bathroom did us in.

We had a fun time. Hopefully the sun will be shining the next time we visit the park.

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