Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meet my friend Butter

I was over checking out a forum that I read from time to time and came across a post titled "To dog or not to dog?". The poster was trying to decided whether or not to get a dog for her family. As I was reading it, I started thinking about our own dogs and how we came to own them.

I think I have posted before about this guy. His name is Bacon.
One day I was at work when I got a picture text from my husband. It was a cute little puppy. I showed it to my TA. Then, I noticed something. I said "That puppy is standing on my front porch!" I was pretty surprised because we had just lost our dog a few weeks before and we had both said that we weren't getting another one any time soon. But, after I got the story on him, how could I resist? Poor little Bacon! Someone had tied him to a garbage bag and set him out with their trash! Someone that works with my husband found him on their route (he drives a garbage truck in case you didn't know that already) and somehow my husband ended up with him. He has turned out to be a pretty good dog and I was pretty happy having just the one dog (we have a little experience with having cats too, but they didn't last long) because Bacon requires very little work.

But, I have a weakness for puppies. And when you combine the word "puppies" with the word "free", something inside me snaps. And when you put the word "lab" in the mix, it's all over. I'm going to get one.
My husband said those magic words to me this year on my birthday. He said it with a question mark at the end like there was going to be some choice involved. Of course, we went to get one. We decided on the way there that we wanted a yellow one (although I really prefer the black ones) and a male. Lucky for us, they had one available. So this is what I got for my birthday.
Isn't that just about the saddest puppy face you've ever seen? The poor little guy had lived his whole life outside in a pen with his mom and siblings. Pretty much the only interaction he had with people was when he was fed-not that they didn't take really good care of them, it's just that they didn't really play with the puppies much-so he was a little shell shocked when we brought him home. He had a weird thing with walking on the carpet and tile in the house. He didn't like crossing from one texture to another. For a long time, we had to pick him up and carry him to his food in the dining room and then carry him back out. He was so timid in the beginning! He was not a very fun puppy to have for a while. All he did was this
and this
It took probably two weeks before he would actually play with us. I remember the first time I heard him bark. I think it surprised him as much as it did me. Ha!
Butter has since moved outside with Bacon and they are the best of friends. When we first brought Butter home, Bacon wasn't sure what to think of him. The first day that I was home with them by myself, I took Butter out for a walk and Bacon came up to check him out. All of a sudden, Butter reached up and licked Bacon right on his nose. Bacon nearly jumped out of his skin! It was so funny! It didn't take long before Butter and Bacon were the same size.
And now, Butter towers over Bacon and can lay on top of Bacon and pin him on the ground. They love to play tug-of-war with a piece of rope. Butter can usually take it from Bacon but if Bacon happens to get it away, there's no chance of Butter getting it back. Bacon is one fast dog! (and Butter's pretty lazy).

We have managed to create a problem for ourselves with the whole getting-a-dog-on-my-birthday thing though. Now Landon has it in his head that he is going to get a dog for his birthday. He REALLY wanted to get a black one. So he says when it's his birthday (in July) that we are going to go back and get the black one. We HAVE to find a way to talk him out of that one because we can't afford another who eats like this guy!

Do you have a dog (or two)? Tell me about him/her.

Oh, yes, we like weird pet names. We had a cat named Buffalo once and a turtle named May. What can I say? We're a little on the weird side ourselves. :)

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