Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tornado day #2

**UPDATE** We did end up in the cellar for 30-60 minutes. We got some hail, but no tornadoes at our house. There was a touchdown about 15 miles to our west. Not sure about damages yet. We are still watching more storms that may or may not come our way. We're really hoping that's the end of it, but we left all our things underground just in case.

**Original Post**

We are currently watching a storm that is headed our way. Possibility of tornadoes in our town tonight.

Our things are packed and in the cellar. We are prepared. Please pray for those who are not...

Another lovely spring day in Oklahoma-but I would definitely rather deal with tornadoes than earthquakes. At least we get some warning.

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brooke lynn said...

praying fr all my okie friends and family!!!!