Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding

This weekend the kids and I traveled to a town about 3 hours away to attend my cousin A's wedding. We were pushing it to get there on time and had to madly change the kids' clothes when we got there, but we made it. It was a pretty ceremony with a beautiful bride.

I took tons and tons of pictures, but my photography skills were somewhat lacking that day. Thank goodness I was just taking the pictures for fun and not as their official photographer! I did get some fun shots though.

Here is my favorite shot of Landon. He's waiting in line to go into the church. He had only been to one wedding before this and didn't know what to expect. He was so excited and he looked so handsome in his suit!
I found this dress in the box of summer clothes I unpacked for Sierra a couple of weeks ago. It was Dakota's Easter dress when she was Sierra's age. Sierra had been dying to wear it. She spent the entire day showing off how twirly it was!.
The ceremony started with the mothers each lighting their side candle for the unity candle. The lovely lady on the left is my aunt-my mom's older sister.
Then, the guys came out. I thought the look on the groom's face was so cute! Can you tell he's nervous? I hear he's pretty shy, so it took lots of courage for him to be in front of all those people!
Then, it was the big moment! The bride and her daddy coming down the aisle. (This is where some of my awesome photography skills came in. Because, of course the daddy should be the focus of the picture instead of the bride, right? Ugh! I really have to work on that).
Here's daddy giving the bride away.

The pastor who performed the ceremony is my uncle C (my mom's younger sister's husband). He is so special to me! He came into our family when I was about 5-6 years old. I remember having so much fun playing football and wrestling with him. He performed the ceremony when Daniel and I got married. I was there when he baptized my grandpa. He did the service when my dad passed away. And now our family has another special memory with him. We are blessed to have him!

A.'s sweet daughter, Miss S, decided that she needed to get in on the action. She was the cutest little flower girl in her pretty purple dress.

Here is another of my aunts. She sang beautifully (as always). She also sang at my wedding.
Aren't they so cute? You can see the smile on her face, even from this angle.
Little miss S decided she wanted to sit with my grandparents. When she spotted them, her face lit up and she said "Memaw!" So sweet!
Cheyenne has started making this face every time she wants me to take her picture. I'm not sure what that's about, but she's cute anyway.

My favorite part of any wedding ceremony. I almost set myself on fire during my wedding because I forgot about my veil being in front of my face when I was trying to blow out my candle.
They are now husband and wife!
The cake was very pretty.

Here's another shot of little miss S. along with my cousin C. This little boy has the cutest personality ever! He makes me laugh.
While we were waiting for the cake, there was much skirt twirling from these two girls.
Landon decided that his tie looked better on his ear than on his neck.
And Dakota sat wishing she could take that dress off and put on some jeans. :)
The bride and groom with my grandparents (Pops and Memaw). Doesn't Pops remind you of the guy from UP? Go watch it, you'll see (and if you know him, you'll see it's not just looks, but personality as well).
And here they all are with the bride's parents.
Cutting the cake together. Love her smile!
The look on his face is just priceless! I think he will fit in with our family just fine.
It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful day spent with family.

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