Monday, May 10, 2010

Tornado! Please pray!

*UPDATE 6:50PM* The storm took a turn and missed us here, but it's continuing to produce new tornadoes in the southern part of the state. The path right now is going to take it through the area where most of our families live. I'm listening to reports of the damage from the earlier tornadoes right now. Lots and lots of people are being affected by this.

*Original Post*
I am sitting here listening to the weather coverage of the storms here in Oklahoma that are coming through tonight. There are a couple of tornadoes on the ground as I sit here. I've heard that a mobile home park and a subdivision have major damage already. They are saying F2 or possibly F3 damage for those who understand what that means.
Pray for everyone who is being affected. We woke up this morning to the weathermen on the news warning us to make sure we were prepared. Pray that everyone took them seriously.
Another one on the ground as I was typing...
And now another...

This is going to be a hard night for lots of people.

Our supplies are packed and waiting in case we go to the cellar.

Keep us in your prayers tonight.

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