Friday, June 11, 2010

Seven Quick Takes-June 11

I'm linking up again this week with Jennifer over at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday. Here are a few of the things we have been up to this week.

1)This week has been "library week" for us. We have been there three times this week for three different programs. Monday was Landon's story time while the two big girls browsed through the books. Tuesday we went to hear the storyteller for the Summer Reading Program (he was really good). On Thursday, I took the two youngest ones to watch Finding Nemo at the library. It's nice to have some fun, free entertainment this summer.

2)Last Saturday, Daniel, Landon, and I went to look at houses. Our plan right now is to move a mobile home in on his uncle's land, which is just down from his parents' house. We found a couple that we liked, but haven't finalized anything. We have to be out of this house in 19 days and so far we don't have anything to move into. I'm trying really hard not to worry about this because I know that God has already worked it out, but it's hard for me. Looks like we might be invading some of our family's guest rooms for a little while. :)

3)Saturday evening, we went to watch Emily and Danny's dance recital. There were only two little boys in Danny's tap class and they were sooooooo cute dancing up there in their suits next to the little girls in their blue tutus. Emily had three numbers-tap, hip-hop, and ballet. She did a great job. No matter how cute, my girls still will NOT be taking dance next year. I just can't do the costumes and make-up and three days of rehearsals for the recital. I'm glad they enjoy it though.

4)On Sunday, Grandma Debbie came to pick up Sierra for their vacation. They went with my uncle, aunt, and two cousins to Branson for a few days. She came home on Wednesday. I think she grew two inches while she was gone! This morning while she was coloring at the kitchen table, she said "my vacation was the best vacation ever!" so I guess she had fun.

5)When Grandma Debbie dropped off Sierra on Wednesday, she took the big girls for their vacation (Landon had his turn last month). They went to Oklahoma City for all kinds of activities. So far, they have gone to the science museum, Chuck E Cheese, and swam in the hotel pool a couple of times. This morning, they are headed to White Water. They should be nice and worn out by the time they get home tomorrow.

6)The past two days, I have only had two kids at home. It's been pretty peaceful. Landon and Sierra generally play pretty well together and entertain themselves when the other two are not here. We're all missing Dakota and Cheyenne this morning, though. It will be nice to be all under one roof again tomorrow.

7)My son continues to amaze me with things he can get into. This morning, he opened a dresser drawer in my room and found a tube of BB's that I didn't even know I had. Of course, they ended up all over the bedroom floor. He has spent most of the last hour picking them up. He decided that we should "work together" so he brought me the tube. His job is to pick up the BBs and bring them to me so I can put them in the tube. Every time he tries to hand some to me, half of them end up on the floor, so he has to pick them up again. I can't convince him that it would be easier to take the tube with him and just drop them in as he picks them up. He says, "but we have to use TEAMWORK!" So I guess we'll be at this for another hour more.

What have you been doing this week? Head over to Conversion Diary and link up.

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