Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday's walk-annual OSU pictures

During the summer, I try to find as many activities for the kids and I to do outside the house as possible. Staying at home is boring for me as much as it is for them and we all get along better when we have somewhere to go. Some of our favorite things to do are playing at the park, attending the summer reading activities at the library, visiting the zoo, swimming at the YMCA, and playing at the splash park.
Another place we like to visit once in a while is Theta Pond at OSU. We always take some bread with us to feed to the ducks and geese, then spend an hour or so walking around enjoying the campus. I enjoy telling the kids about the places where I spent so many hours during my college years and seeing how things have change in the 10 years (yes, TEN years, I can't believe it) since I graduated. I also feel like spending time on campus is a way to help them develop the desire to go to college. I love when I hear one of the say, "When I go to OSU, I'm going to..." I know that when the time comes they may choose to attend another university, and I'm okay with that. I just like that they are already setting that goal for themselves.
I love these pictures of the kids at OSU. You can really see how much they have grown over the last three years:

I have to throw this one is as well. Can you tell which two did NOT want to sit by each other? I rearranged them for the above picture and got a little better smile out of them both, although you can definitely tell they are not genuine. Ha!
This pose was Landon's idea. It turned out much better, don't ya think?
I love this one! The ducks and geese weren't very interested in our bread, so we decided to feed it to the fish instead. The kids wanted to stick their fingers in the water and let the fish nibble on them. I didn't really want to fish anyone out of the pond, so I told them they could just look. They put themselves in order from youngest to oldest without thinking about it.
Here are some more pictures to show how much they've grown. These were taken on the steps of the Student Union.
2008-ages 10, 7, 4, and 2(almost 3)
2009-ages 11, 8, 5, and 3(almost 4)
2010-ages 12, 9, 6, and 4 (almost 5)

I remember how nervous it made me that first year when Landon and Sierra were up here and I was on the ground taking pictures. I had visions of one of them either falling through the railing to the ground or tumbling down the steps. This year, I was worried about them climbing over the railing. I must have said "keep your feet on the ground" ten times before they came down the stairs. Ha!

Our last stop of the day is always the fountain in front of the library. The kids like to put their hands in the cool water. I remember sitting on the edge of the fountain reading or studying on nicer days while I waited for my next class to start. I also remember spending many hours inside the library doing research for papers or checking my e-mail on the computers.

This is my favorite picture ever of the kids at the fountain.
Here they are this year.
If I know Dakota, she was wishing she had a book so she could sit there and read while listening to the water. She's a lot like me that way. I can't believe that it's only 6 short years until she'll be preparing to go off to college for real.

It's kind of sad to think that this might be the last year we get to take these pictures at OSU. Three hours is a long time to drive just to feed some ducks!

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Grace Wheeler said...

I hope your able to take many more pics like this at the campus! They are SO fun to look at! My how one year brought so many changes in your kiddos! What a neat photo time line to have! Such a treasure! (visiting from Jenilee's blog!)

the Spocks said...

Visiting from WW. Great activies to do with your kids over the summer. I like the fact that you take them to a college campus.